History of Our Club

History of Our Club
Our club was started in 2004 in the community of the North Hills in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Our meetings are very informational with a relaxing atmosphere.  After the business portion of the meeting is completed, one of the club members will present to the club a presentation of his/her choice.  If there are no presentations, the club may show a film about our hobby.  After the presentation is over, the club members will present numismatic items in a show and tell.  North Hills Coin Club, consists of a great bunch of people who love the hobby. Our club is a proud member of the American Numismatic Association.

Club President
Bob F.

Vice President
Vic N.

John H.

Bourse Chairman
Bob F.

Website Webmaster
Troy G.

North Hills Coin Club

All club members are required to adhere to our bylaws and the bylaws of the American Numismatic Association and be in good standing with the club.

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